Web Creations (from ¥48,000)

First impressions do defiantly last! It's the design that captures the viewer's attention and it's the content and functionality that keeps their attention. A great design can reinforce your message by delivering it with impact and is long remembered after they leave.

Speed to deployment is crucial! Websites could take weeks and even months before they are registered in search engines for people to find yours so there is no time to waste.

The Softique solution is the quickest step to setting up, creating and deploying your website fast! We accelerate the web creation process by using pre-designed templates. Thousands of professionally designed templates insure low duplication.

Just provide us with your text, logo, images and domain name and we will do the rest. You can select from a wide variety of designs or we can create one just for you. Either way, you we will get your site up fast!

Save money as we include one year of domain registration for .com / .net / .info / .us /.org / .biz (small additional charge of ¥6,800 for .jp and ¥9,800 for .co.jp / .ne.jp / or.jp domains).

Save even more money as we also include one year of web hosting absolutely FREE!!! Since we also do the hosting ourselves, the deployment of your new website is fast and smooth.