Softique Services

Softique, Inc. was put up with only one goal in mind: To provide quality, innovative design and marketing services, both online and offline, at affordable prices to help you make your business grow.

Softique strongly believes that a major component so vital to the success of any organization is image. Every business, large or small, are all highly reliant upon the way customers, partners and investors perceive them.

However not all companies know how, or have the capability, to create this image for themselves. Here is where Softique comes in. Softique will empower companies and individuals with this capability to project an overall perception of quality and professionalism unsurpassed by their, or in this case, YOUR competitors.

Through extraordinary logo designs, design of business documents, slick PowerPoint presentations, exciting Flash animations and astonishing graphics, to the most complex user-friendly websites, Softique is your partner in reaching your business goals.

To achieve this, Softique is made up of 6 core services all handled by University graduates with solid years of experience in their respective fields. From this 6 Core Services offered by Softique, you can choose which service will best suit your business needs.

View the diagram below to see how each unique service interacts with each other and choose which service will give your company that professional look.

Company logos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Web programming services HTML templates, Flash templates, Custom-made designs Company logos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Web Hosting by Company letterheads and stationeries, business cards, etc. Online marketing for your business