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HTML Template Design (6 pages)   48,000
Template No:

Your Options:

Additional Pages     ¥8,000
Color Alterations 10,000
Design Alterations 10,000
Bilingual Site 25,000

Flash Intro Design (6 pages)          38,000
Template No:

Your Options:

Color Alterations ¥10,000
Design Alterations 10,000

FLASH Template (6 pages)             78,000
Template No:

Your Options:

Additional Pages     ¥13,000
Color Alterations 15,000
Design Alterations 20,000
HTML Site 30,000
Bilingual Flash Site 40,000
Bilingual HTML Site 20,000

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Create FREE new domain at 2,800 value (www.YourCompany.com) for one year.

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.com .info .cc

.net .name .us

.org .biz .ws

.jp  ¥6,800

.co.jp   ¥9,800    .ne.jp   ¥9,800

Step 3: Check availability:

Use existing domain name for this new website:
Note: Please type COMPLETE and CORRECT domain name including extension.


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Using the FREE Hosting offer with 888Yen.Com (¥10,656 value) for one year.
(100Mb, Unlimited Email, Unlimited Transfers)

Upgrade to 500Mb ¥12,000 (¥1,000/month)

Upgrade to 1,000Mb ¥24,000 (¥2,000/month)

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Payment Policy
• All amounts less than 100,000 must be paid in full.
• 50% of the total bill must be paid for any amount over 100,000 with the remainder paid upon completion of the work.

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