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Here are the steps you will be taking to complete your order:

1.  Select the type of purchase.
2.  Describe your logo and enter contact information.
3.  You will receive email with payment information.
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5.  Softique staff will contact you to discuss further details regarding your new logo.

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Original Logo Design     58,000

Your Options:
Since some color logos do not look good when sending a Fax, you may want an optional black and white version. Animated logos are available for websites.

Choose below additional requirements:

Fax Version (B/W)        5,000
Animated GIF version   10,000

Original Company
Stationery Set                         28,000

This set includes:
Business Cards (one-side), Letterhead, Envelope, PowerPoint File (2 pages)

Your Options:

Business Cards (backside)   ¥ 5,000
PowerPoint (extra page)       10,000

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You will get a draft of several designs within days after receipt of payment.
After selecting a draft, you can request as many revisions until you are satisfied with the final result.

Payment Policy
• All amounts less than 100,000 must be paid in full.
• 50% of the total bill must be paid for any amount over 100,000 with the remainder paid upon completion of the work.

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