Offshore Development

Web/Software Development

Our software developers are trained in the latest technologies to bring you the best software development capabilities at the lowest possible price. This cost advantage will provide you and your company with an unfair leverage over your competition.

You will leave your larger competitors wondering how you can afford to outdo their efforts on the Internet. You can also take advantage of our low price to hire even more of our developers to get your project completed faster and still under budget.

Offshore Outsourcing has proved to be a differentiating factor for companies, offering cost, time and quality advantages. Today, itís a common practice to look offshore for key benefits in:

• Expertise in latest technology

• Rapid deployment

• Lowered Costs

Softique specializes in development of the following areas:

What Softique Can Do For You

• Provide a Bilingual Analyst/Project Manager to analyze and document your requirements locally in Japan.
• Provide a proposal in English or Japanese to estimate workload, cost and timeframe for completion.
• Begin the development process with regularly scheduled status to report and monitor the progress.
• Provide professional software testers to better eliminate problems before deployment.
• Provide a maintenance servicing plan including content management contingencies.
• Deploy system while carefully monitoring the system.


Are you finding out the hard way that maintaining your website is far more distracting than you expected? Your website is important but do not lose sight of your initial objectives and your main line of business. Proper maintenance first begins with the proper design of your initial website. Cutting corners thinking that you will reduce cost often times ends up costing you far more than you bargained for.

The unforeseen task of keeping your website interesting and operating flawlessly can hide huge costs to you over time. Furthermore, the risks of managing your data integrity from loss or theft are vital for maintaining your online credibility and keeping smooth customer relations.

Outsource all of these operational functions overseas where Softique could help your business reduce operating costs.

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