Companies and individuals should all have available the ability to create and maintain a quality web presence online as well as offline at affordable prices.

A major component so vital to the success we believe is image. Every business small or large are all highly reliant upon the way customers, partners and investors perceive them.

Our mission is to provide companies and individuals with the capability to project an overall perception of quality and professionalism unsurpassed by their competitors.

We perfect image through extraordinary logo designs and astonishing graphics while we backup your business through online marketing and support of creating professional documents.
About Us

Softique Inc. was established in 1991 to provide quality and innovative services for all size enterprises at reasonable prices.

The company name implies a way of developing software in a specialty boutique. We make to order at reasonable prices.

Softique is a Japanese registered company with sales and support office in Tokyo and a development center in Manila, Philippines. This allows us to take advantage of lower costs while significantly improving upon quality.

All of our developers are University graduates in computer related fields.

Company Name: Softique Inc.

Registered Name: K.K. Softique

Chief Executive: Masakazu Hihara

Sugishita Bldg 4F
1-8-6 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-Ku
Tokyo 106-0031 Japan

Established: April 28, 1992

Capital: ¥10,000,000